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We're delighted that you've chosen to study in our beautiful city.

You'll quickly discover that Weingarten not only offers an excellent learning environment but also a fantastic quality of life. That's reason enough to settle in and register your primary residence in Weingarten. To ensure a perfect start, we've come up with something special for you:

Register your primary residence by April 30, 2024, and enjoy fantastic benefits!

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Your benefits

During the promotional period, receive a take-away cup and take advantage of welcome vouchers from local establishments in your new hometown. Enjoy nine months of free access to the tws.rad E-bike rental system in Weingarten and Ravensburg. Additionally, enter the raffle for a chance to win an Apple iPad 10 and 25 free entries to the pools in Weingarten.

Who benefits? Everyone!

Whether it's culture, sports, urban infrastructure, or nature, Weingarten is committed to providing a diverse range of offerings. By registering your primary residence, you support your city in continuing to develop attractive amenities. The city receives financial allocations for every resident with a registered primary residence, but not for those with secondary residence registrations. Your registration contributes to ensuring that Weingarten continues to have more to offer.

Book your personal appointment today!

The citizen's office at Kichstraße 2 will have special registration counters for students open on multiple days during the promotional period. Through our appointment booking portal, you can book your personal time slot with just a few clicks.

Your registration checklist

To register your residence you need:
  • Passport, possibly European identity document, Visa (as a non-EU citizen)
  • Your landlord's apartment notice Wohnungsgebermeldung (Template) (PDF,42 KB)
  • Copy of your passport, possibly of your european identity document
  • Copy of your visa (as a non-EU citizen)